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Welcome to The Lodge! 

There are 3 ‘Bunny Lodges’ which are timber framed fully insulated building, making it snugly & warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We have heaters installed for those really cold periods and fans for the summer months.

Each rabbit (or bonded pair) has its own indoor apartment with access to their own outdoor run area which gives them plenty of space to enable them to explore, binky, sleep & relax.

Each indoor apartment is 1 metre by 1.8 metres , and they have vinyl flooring for ease of cleanliness.

The outdoor runs are 0.9 metres by 3 metres and have concrete floors.

Each indoor apartment/outdoor run are divided off so the bunnies can’t see their neighbour's and get stressed.


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‘Small Animal Lodge’ is a luxury boarding room for any type of small animal, (Guinea Pig, Hamster, etc.) and small reptiles.

The area has heating and cooling installed.

Guinea Pigs are housed in indoor cages.

Hamsters and other small animals will need to come in their own cages.

We have indoor runs to provide an exercise area for guinea pigs.

We also have outdoor guinea pig hutch and run combos.

'The Lodge Bird Room' is a room inside a brick building with a large window which has been created to house a number of birds in their own cages or we do have a few cages available for customer use. Any birds such as African Grey Parrots, Cockatiels, Budgies and other parrots are all able to be cared for.

We can also house Chickens and have an Omlet ‘Eglu’ Chicken Pen and large secure run and have plenty of experience in looking after them as we have kept chickens & ducks for a number of years.


Guest Security

For your peace of mind sheds and runs are locked at night, and the property is secure behind two sets of electric gates a 100 metres from the road. 24 Hour CCTV monitors the entire garden and exterior of property.

We invite you to visit us...