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Daily Routine

Wake up Call: Every morning, each guest’s accommodation is checked ensuring all boarders are awake, happy & well.

Breakfast: Each guest has their own specially prepared meal & fresh water served to them.

Housekeeping: Hygiene is of upmost importance, so all pens will be cleaned & tidied daily.

A deeper clean and thorough disinfection is performed in between guest stays.

Evening Meal: Each guest will have this for those that require it.

Bedtime: Outdoor areas are shut, lights out and time for a bedtime treat.

All of the above can be flexible to offer a personalised service dependent on your pet’s normal routine.


Please ensure you let us know of anything you would like us to adhere to whilst your pet is staying with us to minimise stress.

You will need to provide your pets regular food but where applicable fresh hay, fruit, vegetables and treats will be provided but individual requirements will be discussed prior to your pets stay.

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